Adobe Premiere Elements online training course

Adobe Premiere Elements lesson 4, The sceneline (part 2)

Cutting clips

To cut a clip in the sceneline you first select this clip in the sceneline, then click and drag the "Trim" buttons to the left or the right in the "Preview" window.
Once you release the mousebutton the clip will be cut at the point where you release the "Trim" button, or in other words, the part of the clip thats within the orange part of the mini timeline will be cut.
When you cut part of a clip the preview window will be split into two parts.
On one side you can see the clip that will be cut and on the other side you can see the previous or next clip (1), depending on if you are cuttingon the beginning or end of a clip.
This makes it easier to see if you have the right transition point between two clips.

However if you "Trim" the beginning of the first clip in your project only one clip will be shown in the preview window (2).

To uncut removed frames from a clip, just click and drag the beginning or end point in the opposite direction.
So if you cut a bit to much, don't panic, just drag the "Trim" buttons in the opposite direction.
You can never drag back further then the original clip.

Splitting clip

Like i told you in the previous lesson we can also split a clip in two or more clips.
To do this place the time indicator on the location in the mini timeline where you would like to split the clip and click on the "Split clip" button.

Now two clips will be displayed in the mini timeline as well as in the sceneline.
If you want to place another clip or photo between these two clips you can just drag this from the "Project" window to the double arrow between the two split clips.
If you wish to cut one of these clips, no problem, just do the same thing which you have learned i the first part of this lesson.

Set photo duration time

When we add a photo to the sceneline this will have a default duration of 5 seconds.
To alter this we drag the beginning or end trim point of this clip, in this case a photo.

Making picture in picture

Its possible to place an image, it doesn't matter if this is a photo or film, inside another image.
To do this first select the clip in the sceneline where you want to place the second image inside.
Click and drag the second image from the "Project" window into the "Preview" window while you are holding down the "Shift" and "Ctrl" key on your keyboard.
You can change the size of the inserted image by clicking and dragging the borders of it.
You can move the image by clicking the cursor on the center of the inserted image and drag this to the location you want it to be.

In the mini timeline the timeline of the inserted image will be placed ontop of the mini timeline of the image below it.
This also has a beginning and end point.
If you wish to remove it, right click on this timeline and choose "Delete".