Adobe Premiere Elements online training course

Adobe Premiere Elements lesson 8, Video effects (part 1)

What are video effects ?

In Adobe Premiere Effects we have some effects at our disposal.
The difference between effects and transitions is that transitions are effects between two clips, and that effects are applied on a clip.

There are two kinds of effects, Regular effects and default effects.
Regular effects are automaticly applied by Adobe Premiere on each videoclip in the scene- and timeline.
These effects cannot be removed.
Examples of these effects are "Motion" and "Volume".
And then there are the default effects.
With these effects we add special properties to the image or sound.

What you need to remember is that you can apply multiple effects to one clip, and that each effect contains multiple options.
In this and the next lessos i will show you a few, but its up to you to learn what they all do.

Add, change and remove video effects

To add a effect to a clip we have a few options.
The first option is to select a clip in the scene- or timeline and drag the effect from the effects window to the preview window (1).
A second option is to drag it into the clip in the scene- or timeline (2).
A third option is to select the clip in the scene- or timeline and select the efect in the effects window and then clicking on the "Apply" button (3).

If you want to change a effect, then you first remove the first effect by selecting it in the applied effectslist and clicking on the trashcan icon that appears on its right.
All added effects will be shown in the list with applied effects.

If you awnt to filter the effects in the effects list, click on the downpointing arrow next to the "Show all" text and choose a category from the list (4).
If you want to search for a certain effect, you type the word a part of the word in the searchbar. This will automaticly start the filter (5).

Edit effects

To edit the properties of a applied effect, you select the effect you wish to edit in the effects list and then click the "Edit effects" button (6).
Depending on the effect you have a few settings you can change.
Discussing all of them here would be an impossible task.
So when you finished all your changes, click on the "Done" button.

If you would like to add, remove or edit a effect at a later time, first select the clip, next click the "Edit" button, and choose the option "Effects".
From the list with added effects you click on the right pointing arrow (1) to open the different options for this effect.

If you want to hide a effect you need to click on the eye icon (2) infront of the effect.