Adobe Premiere Elements online training course

Adobe Premiere Elements lesson 9, Video effects (part 2)

Motion tracking

What this does is following moving objects in a clip which you can link with different things.
These "Things" can be lots of this like text, a photo, some clipart, just about anything.

In this example i took a movie of a race with two cars, something i found on the internet.
What i would like to do in this movie is that a field will follow my favorite car here.

First thing you need to do is select the clip in the scene- or timeline (1).
Next click on the "Motion tracking mode" on top of the timeline (2).
This will open the "Motion tracking" window (3).
In this window you will be asked if Adobe Premiere must make an analysis of the moving objects in the clip.
When you answer "Yes" here, Premiere will keep track of every moving object.
If there is only one thing moving in your clip this shouldn't be a problem, but if there are different objects moving in your clip from which you want to keep track of only one, then its better to choose "No" here.
So my advice here is, click on "No" and place the motion tracker around the object yourself.

When you clicked "No", Adobe Premiere will create a selection box in the clip.
Place this box over the object you wish to follow by clicking and dragging the box.
You can also change the size of the box by clicking and dragging the edges.

Once your done placing the box, click on the "Track object" button.

This will place a yellow border around the object.

In this example i will add two balloons to the car, so i select "Clipart" in the "Edit" tab.
Next i will look for the right clipart and will click and drag it into the box.
First you need to drag it into the box, and afterwards you can position the object you would like to use.

Now the balloons will follow the car all over the track.
This will place the balloons in their own videotracks as you can see.
You can put as many objects into the motion tracker box as you want.