Adobe Premiere Elements online training course

Adobe Premiere Elements lesson 10, Working with layers

Picture in Picture

We work with different layers in Adobe Premiere Elements when we want to show multiple clips on the same time in our video, or when we want to show parts of a clip with a different background.

One example of this is showing different clips at the same time.
For this we will use the effect "Picture in picture".

The first thing you need to do for this is to place each clip you want to use in a different videotrack.
In this example i used three layers with three different clips.
The clip in the bottom layer "Video 1" will be used as a background, we dont need to change anything about this clip.
In the two layers which will be added on top we will add the "Picture in picture" effect.
To do this i first need to select the top layer in the timeline (1).
This is the first layer or clip to which i will add the effect.
I click on the "Edit" tab (2) in the right window and choose "Effects" (3).
Next i will choose for the option "Presets" (4), at this section all different kind of "Picture in picture" effects can be found.
In this example i will choose the "PiP 40% Ul Scale in" and "PiP 40% Ur Scale in".
This will make the clips scale in on the top left and right to 40% of its size.
It doesnt matter which effect you choose, as long as its a smaller version than your background video.

When your done putting the effect in the first clip, you select the second videotrack and apply the other effect.
The position of these effects are allready set in the top left and right so im sure they will have a fixed position.
You can also change the options of this effect by clicking on the "Edit effects" button which will open this window (1).
Or you can click and drag the box in the preview window to change its position and size (2).

Transparant background

When we import a clip with a even background color into the timeline, Adobe Premiere will ask use if we need to apply a videomerge on this clip.
When you answer "Yes" (1) Premiere will try to make the background color of the clip transparant (2).
You can also edit this videomerge effect in the editing window (3) which can be found when you click on the clip and then click "Edit effects" in the "Effects" tab.

The result will be the funny guy dancing infront of this building in my other clip.