Adobe Premiere Elements online training course

Adobe Premiere Elements lesson 11, Keyframes (part 1)

What are keyframes ?

We use keyframes to bring animation into a clip.
This animation can be based on the position of a clip, but also on the added effect in a clip.
By adding keyframes in the keyframe timeline we can change the position or view of the object.
Its all difficult to explain but very easy to do, so first let us start with adding a animation to a clip.

Animating clips

In this example i will use two clips which are placed on top of each other.
The bottom one will be our cloudy background video and the top one will be our spaceship.
I used the "Chromakey" effect on our spaceship so it the background of this clips will become transparant and it will look as if the spaceship is flying through the clouds.

Because the spaceship is hovering in the air now, and looks more like a floating banana, i will animate the position of this spaceship clip to move it from right to left on the screen.

The first thing we need to do is to move the time indicator to the first frame and select the spaceship in the timeline.
Next you need to select the "Edit" tab and choose the "Effects" option.
Click on the "Edit effects" button on the bottom of the effects window.
This will open the edit effects window.
Select the the "Motion" effect and click the "Show keyframes" button.

To add keyframes you click the "Toggle animation" button next to the "Motion" effect.
But why next to the "Motion" effect ?
Because we will move our spaceship on the screen of course.
How did we get the "Motion" effect anyways ?
If you remembered correctly from lesson 8, then you will know that this is one of the effects that Adobe Premiere adds to each clip on the timeline.

As you can see in the image below the "Keyframes" window also has a time indicator and a timeline.
If you move this by clicking and dragging, the the time indicator will also move above the timeline.
This is basicly the same indicator which can be operated from two different places.

The moment we click the "Toggle animation" button a first keyframe will be placed in the first frame of the clip.

To make our spaceship move over the screen you first place the time indicator in the last frame of the timeline (1).
Next you click and drag the spaceship to the leftside of the preview window (2).
This will automaticly make a keyframe in the last frame of the "Motion" effect of the spaceship clip (3).
And it will also create a movement path in the preview window (4).

When we render and look at the movie, by pressing the "Enter" key on our keyboard, we can see that our spaceship is finally flying from right to left on the screen.
Is this is easy or what ?.

In the next lesson we will edit this "Movement path".