Adobe Premiere Elements online training course

Adobe Premiere Elements lesson 12, Keyframes (part 2)

Editing movement path

The movement path that has been added by Adobe Premiere can be edited.
The easiest way to do this is to zoom in on the preview window so you can see this path a bit more clearly.
To zoom in on the movement path, right click in the preview window and choose "Magnification" followed by a percentage you like.

Each movement path has at least two movement bars, each for every keyframe.
When you move the cursor over this it will change into a black arrow with a circle.

By clicking and dragging these bars we can change the direction of the path.

Do you want the clip, in this case the spaceship, to rotate in the direction its flying in, then you change the rotationangle by clicking and dragging this option to the left or right (1).
Dont forget to place the time indicator in the right frame first, otherwise it might be possible it will be flying up when pointing downwards.

When we change the "Rotation" option this will also automaticly place a keyframe (2).
This way you can see that every option in the "Motion" effect has its own keyframe when something changes in this option for a certain frame.

Lets get back to the movement bars.
In the image below you can see that each keyframe in the keyframe window is also displayed in the preview window and that all of these have movement bars.

To remove a keyframe you select it in the keyframe window and push the "Delete" key on your keyboard.
To move a keyframe in the timeline, just click and drag this in the keyframe window to the frame you want it to be.

Quick tip.
When you scale the spaceship in the first frame to lets say 10%, and scale it to 100% in the last frame it looks if like the spaceship if flying towards you which is a mighty cool effect if you ask me.