Adobe Premiere Elements online training course

Adobe Premiere Elements lesson 13, Keyframes (part 3)

Animating effects

Before i continue with the animating of the effects i would like to discuss the different buttons and their function in the keyframe window.
Next to each option of a added effect you can see a left and rightpointing arrow.
When you click on thsi you will navigate between the different keyframes in the timeline.
Between these arrows there is also a button which has the shape of a rotated square.
When we click on this button a keyframe will be added on the exact point where there is no keyframe for this option on the timeline and it will remove a keyframe when its allready located on the timeline.
Just some information that will be usefull if you choose to work with keyframes.

About the animating of effects.
This is basicly the same as animating clips.
In this example i will move the effect "Lens Flare" from the leftside of the screen to the right, and change the brightness of the sun depending on its position.
First select the effect and the open the keyframe window.
When you selected the effect a circle with a cross in it will appear, this is the centre of the sun, which is also the centre of the "Lens Flare" effect.
I will drag this to the leftside in the preview window (1).
Next you click on the "Toggle animation" button (2).
This places a keyframe in the first frame.
Next i will place the time indicator in the last frame (3), and move the centre of the sun by clicking and dragging this all the way to the rightside of the preview window (4).
Automaticly a keyframe will be added for the "Flare center" (5).
The "Flare center" has two parameters, the first for the vertical position of the centre of the screen (6) and the second for the horizontal position on the center of the screen (7).

As you can see in the image below, we also have two bars (8) which we can use to edit the movement path.

What i will change now is the brightness of the sun and the lens type.
First i will place the time indicator in the right frame, for example frame 10, and click the "Add keyframe" button next to the "Flare brightness" option.
I wont change anything to this keyframe yet, otherwise the brightness will be adjusted from frame 1 till 10, and i dont want that.
I want the brightness to become adjusted starting in frame 10.

So i will place a new keyframe in frame 14, and here i will change the brightness of the sun to 165% for example.
In the afternoon the sun allways shines a bit stronger right.
in frame 19 i will add a new keyframe, i will also not make any changes to this keyframe.
And in frame 22 i will place a last keyframe where i will return the brightness of the sun to 100%.

If you'd like you can also change the optio "Lens type" in different keyframes.

When we play our movie now, you will see that the sun rises in the west, shines bright in the south and goes to down under in the east.