Adobe Premiere Elements online training course

Adobe Premiere Elements lesson 14, Keyframes (part 4)

Saving effects

When you made a effect and would like to use this in other clips or projects, it may be usefull to save this effect.
To do this rightclick the effect which you want to save and choose "Save preset" from the dropdown menu.

In the field "Name" you give the effect a name and select the option "Scale".
We choose the "Scale" option because not every clip that you add to a project will have the same measurements.
By selecting this option the effect will be scaled to the clip which you apply it on.

The other two options "Anchor to In point" and "Anchor to Out point" regard to the length of the clip which isnt very efficient in my opinion.

To apply the effect you just saved to another clip you choose the "Edit" tab and click on the "Effects" option.
Click the downpointing arrow next to the text "Video effects" and choose "My presets".

All your saved effects will be displayed here.
The only thing you need to do now is to apply this effect on a clip.

Transition or effect ?