Google Chrome online training course

Google Chrome lesson 1, Installation

What is Google Chrome ?

First let me explain what Google Chrome is, because some of the users of my website have send me a email that they don't know what purpose some programms have that i write lessons for.
Google Chrome is a free webbrowser just like Firefox, Safari, Internet explorer and a few others.
What is a webbrowser ? This is a piece of software you use to surf on the net.
You have the choice to install multiple browsers on your computer. Why would you ?
One person prefers to use Firefox, another uses safari and another prefers Chrome. So my advice is to just try them all out and once you found one that meets all your needs you can choose to delete the other browsers or just leave them on your harddrive.

Download, install and update

Before we can install Chrome we first need to download it.
To do this go the the webpage and click the buton that says "Download google chrome".

In the next window click the "Accept and install" button.
Now Google Chrome will automaticly start to install.

Once the installation is completed click the "Start google chrome" button.
This will open Google Chrome and will bring you to the homepage.
The first thing we will do is see if we installed the latest version of Google Chrome.
To do this click the wrench icon (1) on the top right of the screen choose "About Google Chrome" (2) from the dropdown.
This will open a new window where automaticly will be checked if this is the latest version and if neccesairy will also update it. But of course since we just downloaded and installed we have the latest version allready.