Google Chrome online training course

Google Chrome lesson 2, Basics 101

Google Chrome window

Now that we are sure that we have the latest version of Google Chrome we can start to look what it is we see on our screen.
On top of Google Chrome we can find tabbar (1). What this is and how it works will be explained in a later lesson.
Below the tabbar you can find the urlbar (2).

Lets take a closer look at the urlbar.
On the leftside of the urlbar there are three buttons.

Button 1 and 2 we use to go backward or forward to a earlier visited webpage.
When you click and hold down the mousebutton on one of these a list with the history of that browsersession will appear in a dropdown menu.

In the next lesson i will discuss the history of your browsersession but first let me explain the urlbar further.
The third button is used when we want to see the last new content of the page we are looking at. If the page is not changed i the meanwhile then the content will stay the same also of course.
Next is the address area (4) where we can see or enter the webpage we want to go to.
The adress area does not only function as a address area but also as a searchbar.
You can of course enter the website adress in this area but you can also make a search using this area. But thats not all.
Google Chrome doesn't only search on the internet but also in your bookmarks and browserhistory.
Next is the bookmark button (5) with a single click on this button you can add or delete a bookmark for the current page you are looking at.
The last button is the customization button (6). With the following dropdown menu you can control alot of the settings in Google Chrome.
Depending on the found items Chrome will place icons next to the results as you can see in the next image.

This image is used for adding bookmarks or for showing you this is allready a bookmark.

This shows if a webpage occurs in your browser history.

This image is shown next to searches including search suggestions when you have activated suggestions.

This image just replaces the http in websites in a way you could say its a abbreviation.