Google Chrome online training course

Google Chrome lesson 3, Browser history

What is browser history

The browser history is a long list of websites that you have visited in the last ten weeks with Google Chrome.
It can happen that some websites that you have been looking at you dont want other people to find when they accidently are going through your browser history.

Removing browser history

To remove the browser history partially or entirely first click on the wrench icon in the urlbar.
Next choose "History" from the dropdown menu.
In this new window you can find a list (1) with all the sites which you have visited.
If you want to go to a site you see in this list just click on the name of it and the webpage will open.
However if you want to remove the sites from this list you need to click on "Edit items" (2).
In the next window you have the choice to "Remove selected items" (3) or "Clear all browsing data..." (4)
If you want to remove some pages but keep other you can select them by checking the checkbox in the list (5) and then push "Remove selected items" (3). In the popup window (6) that opens click on "Ok" to remove the pages from the list.
The pages you selected will now be removed from the list.
Click the "Done removing items" itext (7) if you are done and want to return to the first window of the browser history.

If however you want to remove all websites and pages from your browser history you will push the button "Clear all browsing data" (4).
In the window that will open you will check the option "Clear browsing history" (1), then click the downpointing arrow (2) to select a time period from the dropdown menu (3) from which you want to remove the browsing history.
When your finished click the button "Clear browsing data" (4).
The window will close and you will see that all the history in the history list is removed.

Dont show browsing history in address area

Like i have told you in the previous lesson, Google Chrome will automaticly predict websites and searches when you are typing in the address area which are simular to what you are typing.
According to the images infront of the predictions you can see if the page or website appears in your browser history.

When you don't want items from your browser history will be shown in the address area when you are typing something you need to remove your entire browse history.

Or when you don't want Google Chrome to give suggestions in the address area you can deactivate this function in Google Chrome settings.
To go here click the cogwheel icon in your Google Chrome browser and choose "Options" from the dropdown menu.
Choose "Under the hood" tab and uncheck the box next to "Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar" by clicking on it.
This option is active by default so when you don't want to use it you need to deactivate it.