Google Chrome online training course

Google Chrome lesson 4, Settings (part 1)

Making Google Chrome your default browser

Its possible to change some settings in Google Chrome according to our own needs.
One option is making Google Chrome our default browser.
To do this click on the wrench icon on the top right of Google chrome and choose "Options" from the dropdown menu.
Go to the "Basics" tab and click "Make Google Chrome my default browser" (1).

Set default search engine

By default Google is the search engine set in Google Chrome, but its also possible to change this.
To do this once again click on the wrench icon and choose "Options" from the dropdown menu.
In the "Basics" tab click on the downpointing arrow (1) in the "Search" section and choose the search engine you want to use as your default search engine in Google Chrome.

A second possibiliyu is to click "manage search engines" (2), choose a search engine in the list and click on "Make default" when hovering over the different engines.
If you would like to add a search engine yourself click on the "Add a new search engine" (3) field and enter the name, keyword and url of the new search engine.
Once you filled in all the fields the search engine will automaticly be added to the list.

The search engines that you added yourself cannot be made the default search engine but only serve as a text shortcut in the address area.

Import browser data

When you download Google Chrome for the first time your personal data ( like browser history and homepage ) will be automaticly be imported from your default browser.
To import bookmars, search engines or other settings from another browser you click the wrench button and select options from the dropdown menu..

Choose the tab "Personal stuff" and click the button "Import data from another browser".
In the window that will open you will choose the browser (1) which you want to import from, and the items you want to import from it (2). When your finished click on the "Import" button and Google Chrome will do the rest.