Google Chrome online training course

Google Chrome lesson 5, Settings (part 2)

Setting password

In Google Chrome its possible to save the username and passwords for different websites. This way you can let Google Chrome automaticly fill in the data on these websites when you are visiting them again.
To use this click the wrench icon on the topright of the screen and choose "Options" from the dropdown menu and next choose the tab "Personal stuff" (1).

In the "Passwords" section choose the option "Offer to save passwords" (2). This will ask you every time you will enter a new password in a website to save it or not.

By clickin on the button "Manage saved passwords" (3) a new window will open (4) that will show our allready saved passwords if any. Since i am not in favor of this my list with saved passwords is empty.

Setting fonts and languages

In Google Chrome its possible to choose the language and fonts for the websites you visit.
To change these settings click on the wrench icon in the topright corner, choose "Options" from the dropdown menu and select the tab "Under the hood" (1).

The area we can choose our fonts and language is in "Web Content" (2).
To change anything about our fonts click on "Customize fonts" (3) and a new window will open with all our font settings. In this new window we can change anything like font sizes, font types and encoding but assume this speaks for itsself.

When you click on "Languages and spell-checker settings" (4) in the "Web Content" (2) area a new window will open to choose your language and spell-checker preferences. These settings help Google Chrome to decide in what language a webpage has to be viewed. But please take this option with a grain of salt.

If you want Google Chrome to check te spelling when you are for example filling in a form then activate the checkbox "Enable Spell Checking" (5).

In the Languages box you can choose another language for the Google Chrome interface (6) and you can also add another language if its not in the list yet by clicking the "Add" button. This will change the language that is used for the menu, toolbars and windows.

Setting Homepage

The homepage is for those who dont know it yet, the page or pages that open when we start Google Chrome.
To change the homepage for Google Chrome click the wrench icon on the topright corner and choose "Options" from the dropdown menu and then open the "Basics" tab (1).
Most of the options in the "Basics" tab are pretty obvious but i will explain you these anyways.
The "On startup" (2) section tells what you want Google Chrome to do when you are opening the program.
The first option "Open homepage" Will open the page that we entered in the section "Homepage" (3).
The second option will open all pages that were open the last time you closed Google Chrome.
With the third option we can open multiple pages when we start Google Chrome. If you want to make use of this function just enter the web address(es) of the pages you want to add here and hit the enter key after each entry.
If you want to remove some pages that will open when you start Google Chrome then this is also the place to remove them. To do this you need to bring your mousecursor to the url you want to remove and then click the cross on the rightside to remove it.