Google Chrome online training course

Google Chrome lesson 6, Settings (part 3)

Changing themes

Through themes we can change the layout of Google Chrome.
To go here click on the wrench icon on the topright of the Google Chrome window, choose "Options" from the dropdown menu and go to the "Personal Stuff" section (1).
Next click on the link "Get themes" (2) in the "Themes" section.

This will open the online theme gallery.
In the theme gallery you ca see two tabs (1), "Theme by artist" and "Themes by Google".
Whichever one you choose these are both full with different types of themes.
To select a different theme you just have to click on the theme you want to use and click on "Choose Theme" in the next window.

The theme will be immediatly effective in Google Chrome.
If you think you have made a mistake and want to return to the previous theme click on the button "Undo Theme" (2).

If you don't like all those themes and just want the original back then you can do two things. You can go to the tab "Google Themes" and choose to install the first theme called "Classic". This is the first in the list.

Or you can go back to the "Personal Stuff" section in the "Options" window. And click on "Reset to default theme" in the themes section.

Phishing and malware

One security measure in Google Chrome is to find phishing and malware.
If you are new with these terms let me first explain to you what phishing and malware is.
phishing takes place when someone presents himself for another person or company to try and get personal data from you like for instance your bankdata.
This ususally happens through a website or email that looks the same like that of your bank.
Malware is software that is installed on your computer without your consent and is meant to damage your computer or to steal information from you.

By default the functionality to find phishing and malware is activated.
My advice is to allways have this option activated.
This will warn you when a website that you are visiting is suspected to have phishing or malware.

If for some strange reason you want to deactivate this anyway, click on the wrench icon on the topright of the screen, choose "Options" from the dropdown menu and then go to the tab "Under the hood".
Then deactivate the checkbox infront of "Enable phishing and malware protection". Now Google Chrome will no longer check for this.