Google Chrome online training course

Google Chrome lesson 9, bookmarks (part 1)

What are bookmarks ?

Bookmarks are also knows as favorites and they are used to save websites you like so you can visit them with just one click. When you create a bookmark for a page a new button will be made in the bookmarkbar in the top of your browserwindow.

The bookmarkbar

When you are using bookmarks you can show them in the bookmarkbar.
To activate the bookmarkbar in the browserwindow we have a few options.
First we can click on the wrench icon in the topright corner of the browser, choose "Options" from the dropdown menu and go to the "Basics" section. By checking the checkbox next to "Always show the bookmarks bar" the bookmarkbar will be activated.
Much faster is it to use the keyboard shortcut which is Ctrl + Shift + B.
To hide the bookmarkbar again you need to repeat one of the processes above.

Adding bookmark

There are different ways to add bookmarks.
The first way is to add it to your bookmarkbar.
What you need to do is first navigate to the website you want to add.
Next click on the star icon in the urlbar (1).
This will open a dropdown menu (2) where you can give the bookmark a name in the text area (3).
Next you will click on the downpointing arrow next to the "Folder" area and you will choose "Bookmarks bar" in the dropdown menu.

As you can see the bookmark is added to the bookmarkbar (1) and the star icon became yellow (2). This way its more easy to see if a website is allready added to your bookmarks.

Another way to add a bookmark directly to your bookmarkbar is to select the url in the address area and drag it to the bookmark bar.

If you want to remove a bookmark from the bookmarkbar rightclick on its icon in the bookmarkbar and choose "Delete" from the dropdown menu.

Its also possible to save our bookmarks in another location.
To do so choose "Other bookmarks" when clicking on the star icon.