Google Chrome online training course

Google Chrome lesson 10, bookmarks (part 2)

Organising bookmarks ?

As i told you in the previous lesson its better to organize your bookmarks in Google Chrome a bit.
This way its alot easier for you to find the things you are looking for. Because trust me, when you are spending alot of time on the internet you will be having alot of bookmarks.

We can organize bookmarks in the "Bookmark manager" window.
We can get in the "Bookmark manager" window in a few ways.
First you can right click on the link "Other bookmarks" in your bookmarkbar and choose "Bookmark manager" from the dropdown menu.
A second way is to click the wrench button in the topright corner of Google Chrome and choose "Bookmarks" Followed by "Bookmarks manager".

In both cases this will open the "Bookmark manager" window. What else did you expect !

On the leftside of the "Bookmark manager" window you can find all your bookmark folders (1).
In the rightside of the window you can see the content (2) of the selected folder in the leftside.

If you want to edit a certain bookmark just hover on it in the rightside of the window and click on the downpointing arrow so you can choose "Edit bookmark" (3) from the dropdown menu.
You have the posssibillity to change the name, cut or paste it in another folder, delete, sort and just about anything you need to organise them in a orderly fashion.

A example: If you wish to place a bookmark in another folder select it in the rightside of the window.
Rightclick the bookmark and choose "Cut" from the dropdown menu.
Next choose the map where you want to place the bookmark in the leftside of the window. Right click again on the folder and choose "Paste" from the dropdown menu.

It can go somewhat quicker if you click and drag the bookmark from the rightside to the folder in the leftside of the window.

My quick tip is:
Organise everything properly so you will have trouble getting lost in your bookmarks.