Google Chrome online training course

Google Chrome lesson 11, Translations and Zoom


It can happen that when you are surfing the web you will arrive on a page that is written in another language. Thanks to the translationbar in Google Chrome you can easily translate this. This translationbar is active by default and will automaticly appear when you are on a page that is written in another language then the default language in your settings.

As an example i opened the dutch wikipedia homepage.
As you can see Google Chrome has detected the language that is written on this website correctly (1).
If you want to translate this website into english click the button "Translate" (2). And if you'd rather keep viewing it in its original language just press "Nope" (3). When you click "Nope" the translationbar will close.

If you choose to translate the page then Google Chrome will do its best to translate it (4).
I have to repeat "Google Chrome will do its best" because its not a real translation agency but it will suffice when you want to understand the content that is written in another language.

When you click the "Options" button (5) you will get a few options that i assume everyone understands.
If you wish to return back to the original language you need to click "Show original" (6) but i think you allready knew that.

If you dont like all this translating business you can also deactivate the translationbar.
To do this click on the wrench icon in the topright corner of the screen and choose "Options" from the dropdown menu.
Choose the tab "Under the hood" and remove the check in the checkbox next to "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language I read" in the "Translate" section.


When you want to make the content of a page bigger or smaller you will need to use the zoom function in Google Chrome.

To do this click on the wrench icon in the topright corner of the screen and in the dropdown menu next to the "Zoom" option you need to click the plus or minus sign (2) depending on if you want to zoom in or out on the page.
The keyboard shortcut to use these are Ctrl - and Ctrl +. on your keyboard.

If you want to view the page in full screen you will need to click the button next to the plus and minus sign (3).
The keyboard shortcut key to do this is F11.
So exit full screen mode push F11 again.