Google Chrome online training course

Google Chrome lesson 13, Extensions

What are extensions

Extensions are extra functions that you can add easily to Google Chrome.
The advantage of extensions is that you will only add the functions that you would like to use.
Let me first explain to you where we can find these and how they are installed.

Installing extensions

Before we can install these extensions we need to find one and install it.
Where can we find extensions ? I think probably in a thousand or mor websites on the internet, but i think its best to take at look at first.
This will bring you to the Google Chrome extensions page.

How many extensions you can find here i dont know but unless you have to much time i wouldn't start counting them.
Its best to think about what you want first and then search through one of the categories (1) or better yet just use the searchbar (2).

As an example i will install the extension that will block ads like the Google ads on this page.
Without these ads this site cannot survive but i would like to show you how you can hide these anyway.
Click on the category "Popular" (1) and click on the extension "Adblock" (2).
If at this time this is removed from this category you can enter "Adblock" into the searchbar.

If you hover with the mouse over the "Adblock" extension blue button will appear that says "Add to chrome" (1). When you click that button and click on "Install" (2) from the popup window the ads blocker will be installed to Chrome.

From this day on you can surf without seeing ads.
How you deactivate this ads blocker i will show you in the Next lesson.

Deactivating extensions

To deactivate a extension click on the wrench icon on the topright corner and choose "Options" from the dropdown menu and click on the "Extensions" (1) tab.

Depending on what extensions you have you will see one or multiple extensions in a list.
To deactivate or reactivate a extension simple click on the checkbox that says "Enable" (2) next to the extension you wish to enable/disable.

Removing extensions

To remove a extension simply go to the same tab as explained above only this time click the "Remove" (3) button next to the extension and choose "Uninstall" (4) from the new window.