Excel online training course

excel lesson 1, Getting to know excel

The excel software

excel is a spreadsheet program which we can use to calculate, compare, order and present data.
You can start excel by double clicking the excel icon on your desktop or by clicking the start button on the bottom left in your windowsbar, next move the cursor on programs and click on Microsoft excel.
Once excel is started we can immediatly start making spreadsheets.
But first lets us see what we get to see when we start excel.
If you want to work efficiently with excel its important that you know where you can find everything.

We can change all toolbars where there is a icon with stripes on the far left of the toolbar into a floating bar, by clicking and dragging the stripes icon to the location you want the toolbar to be.

To place the bar back into the location where it was, we click and drag the title of that bar to the location where it came from.

The titlebar

This bar shows us the name of our document and these buttons :

Minimize : excel_small_01.jpg (835 bytes)
Maximize : excel_small_02.jpg (837 bytes)
Last size : excel_small_03.jpg (857 bytes)
Close : excel_small_04.jpg (908 bytes)

When we click on the utmost left on the excel icon in the titlebar a dropdown menu will open which will give us the same choices as in the buttons on the rightside of the titlebar.
Next to the icon we can find the name of the application "Microsoft excel".
The name which we gave to our file will be found next to the application title.

The menubar

In the menubar we can see alot of commands.
Clicking on these commands will open a dropdown menu where we can make a choice of some functions.
If you choose a function with a arrow behind it, a second dropdown menu will unfold.
To close a menu without choosing a function you click on the command name again or you click somewhere outside the dropdown menu.
Is a function grey, then this means it is not available at this time, like for example "Paste" in the "Edit" command is grey if you haven't used "Copy" or "Cut" first.

If there is a keyboard shortcut behind a function this means that you can choose the function quickly by pressing the keyboard combination without opening the commands list first.
The minimize, close, etc buttons in the menubar, are related to our file and not the excel application.
Did you notice there is a underscore underneath a certain letter (for example in File the F has a underscore and in Edit the E has a underscore)
If you push the F key on your keyboard while holding down the "Alt" key on your keyboard, this command will be executed.
This is very usefull for people who like to work with keyboard shortcuts.

The standard toolbar

The standard toolbar contains the most functions which are used the most when working with excel.

New file Open file
Save file Email file
Search Print
Print preview Spelling check
Cut Copy
Paste Copy/Paste formatting
Undo Redo
Insert hyperlinl Autosum
Sort ascending Sort descending
Chart wizard Drawing
Help Zoom tab
Toolbar options
(clicking this arrow will let us adjust this bar quickly and easily)
  Some buttons have a black arrow next to it, when you click on this arrow a dropdown menu will appear from which you need to make a choice once more.

The formatting toolbar

The formatting toolbar gives us a bunch of options which we can use to change the appearance of our document.
Its important to make a document in a way that it is easy to read and understand.

tekengrootte Vet
Italic Onderlijnd
links uitlijnen centreren
rechts uitlijnen samenvoegen meerdere cellen
valuta opmaak percentage opmaak
duizendtal notatie meer decimalen
minder decimalen inspringing verkleinen
inspringing vergroten randopmaak
opvulkleur tekstkleur
Toolbar opties
(klikken op dit pijltje laat ons toe snel en makkelijk onze balk aan te passen)

The formula bar

The formula bar can normally found below the formatting toolbar.
In the left field you can see the name of the selected cell in your worksheet.
In the right field (formula field) fx, we enter our formula.

The drawing toolbar

With the drawing toolbar its possible to insert objects like lines, arrows, circles, photos, etc. into our spreadsheet.

tekenopties selectie pijl
keuze uit meerdere vormen lijnen tekenen
pijlen tekenen rechthoek tekenen
ovaal tekenen tekstvlak tekenen
teksteffecten diagram kaart tekenen
Clip Art invoegen afbeelding invoegen
vulkleur wijzigen/verwijderen lijnkleur wijzigen/verwijderen
tekstkleur wijzigen instellen lijndikte
streepstijl selecteren pijlstijl selecteren
schaduw effecten 3D effecten
Toolbar options
(klikken op dit pijltje laat ons toe snel en makkelijk onze balk aan te passen)
If you want to insert a object multiple times, then doubleclick the button of the draw object on the drawing toolbar.
The button will stay selected now.
Click on the positions you want the object to appear in the worksheet.
After you added the object(s), click once more on the drawing object button to deselect it, or press the "Escape" key on your keyboard.

The spreadsheet window

The spreadsheet window will show you the selected which is selected at the bottom in the spreadsheet titles.
Allmost all your work is done in this window.
A worksheet can exist of 256 columns and 65.636 rows.
The first 26 columns have the label A till Z, and after this will be labelled AA till AZ and etc.
The rows will just be numbered from 1 till any rows.
The meeting point of a column with a row is called a cell.
In the image below cell C4 is selected.

In the cells we will enter our information.
We can only enter information in the selected cell.
After entering our information we push the "Enter" key on our keyboard or we click on another cell in our spreadsheet.

The statusbar

The statusbar gives us information about our spreadsheet.
In excel we have three options about the condition in which excel exists.
Ready, Enter or Edit.
If the statusbar shows Ready, then this means Excel is ready to receive information.
If the statusbar shows Edit, then this means we are currently editing cells.
If the statusbar shows Enter, then this means that we can enter information to a empty cell.
It doesnt matter all that much but its just nice to know what it means.

The taskpane (XP and 2003)

The taskpane only exists in Office XP and 2003.
On the rightside of our spreadsheet you can find the taskpane.
The taskpane can be used for numerous functions.
We can open a existing Excel document, make a new one, search for certain text in a opened or saved document, add images and lots lots more.

To disable the taskpane we click on "View" and "Taskpane" in the menubar.