Excel online training course

excel lesson 10, Printing worksheets

Print Preview

Before we print our worksheets we first configured the settings in the "Page Setup" window which was discussed in the previous lesson.
When that is happened we first want to see what our spreadsheet will look like when it will be printed.
To do this we click on the "Print Preview" excell_small_11.jpg (1.413 bytes) button in the standard toolbar.
In Print Preview we can see what our worksheet will look like once it is printed.

Here we also have a menu which we can use to navigate through the different pages, zoom in or out, print, setup (where we can still change our settings), margins (which we can also still change), page break preview, close and help.

Printing worksheets

When you want to make one print of your worksheet you can click on the "Print" button excell_small_10.jpg (1.428 bytes) in the standard toolbar.

Or when you want to have more than one copy of certain pages, we choose for "File" and "Print" in the menubar.
In the window that opens we can enter our preferences.
For example your printer, all pages or just some, a selection, etc..
Once your done click on "Ok".