Excel online training course

excel lesson 14, Using a Workspace

Creating a Workspace

A very usefull but a often overlooked option is Excel is Workspace.
When you regularly work with multiple workbooks its usefull to make a workspace for this.
A Workspace is simply a saved definition of which workbooks are opened and where.
The advantage of a Workspace is that you dont need to open every workbook one by one, but let Excel do that for you.
To create a Workspace we first have to open all workbooks which we want to add in our Workspace.
Make sure no other workbooks are open any more, for example a empty workbook.
Once all the workbooks which we want to add in our Workspace are open and we made sure no other workbooks are open we can start.
Click "File" and "Save Workspace.." in the menubar.
This will open the "Save Workspace" window.
Choose a folder where you want to save the Workspace and give it a name in the "File Name" field.
Click on "Save" to save all the open workbooks into the Workspace.

Opening and closing a Workspace

After closing all our workbooks we can easily open all of them by clicking on "File", "Open" in the menubar and then clicking on the recently created Workspace file.
If you cant find the Workspace file in the folder where you saved it, its possible that you need to select "All files" in the "Files of type" field.

Closing a Workspace is a bit different from closing a normal workbook.
To close a Workspace we hold down the "Shift" key on our keyboard followed by clicking on "File" and "Close All" in the menubar.

Selecting workbooks in a Workspace

When you dont organize your Workspace a bit, this will easily become a burden instead of a usefull tool.
Workbooks can easily be placed behind each other which makes it difficult if not impossible to read the information from our workbooks.
When you select a workbook (make active) this will be brought to the foreground and the titlebar will be in color.
You can make another workbook active at any time by clicking on its titlebar.
We can also make a workbook active by clicking on "Window" in the menubar and select the workbook from the dropdown list there.

Organizing a Workspace

We use the "Window" button in the menubar to view all our workbooks a bit organized.
Click on "Window" and "Arrange Window" in the menubar.

Make your choice and click on "Ok".