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excel lesson 18, Summary reports

Using Summary Reports

A summary report gives a organized impression to a long and wide worksheet.
summary reports group information in different levels based on column and row headers.
To make a summary report first of all we need to have a structured worksheet which can get an advantage out of a summary report.

A worksheet which has colomn and row headers, detailed information, totals and subtotals, can get an advantage out of a summary report.

Once you made the summary report, all details can be unfolded and folded.
The summary report allows us to look at titles and totals which would normally be difficult to see at one time.
When a report is unfolded we see all the details of a section and a minus character "-" will appear above this section.
When we click on the minus sign the report will be folded and it will change into a "+" character.
We can also click on the 1, 2 or 3 links at the top to show the first, second or third level of the details.
This means its possible to have different levels in the same section.

Making and Removing Summary Reports

We make a summary report by first selecting a range.
For our first range we select cell A2 to A6, the sales in the United States.
And next click on "Data", "Group and Outline" and "Group.." in our menubar.

In the window that opens we choose for "Rows" since we would like to "Group" the rows here.
Next click on "Ok".

We repeat this for the other continents.
Europe (cell A8 to A12) and Asia (cell A14 to A17).
And we can also group all cells from A2 to A18.
The result can be seen on the first image on this page.
To remove a summary report we select the range, click on "Data", "Group and Outline" and "Ungroup" in the menubar.

We can also let Excel automaticly make a summary report for an entire worksheet.
To do this select a cell in the worksheet.
Click on "Data", "Group and Outline" and "Auto Outline" in the menubar.
The worksheet will be automaticly grouped into sections according to a logical structure.
This can makes things a bit easier if you dont have alot time.