Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 1, Signing up

Making a account

I assume that everyone has even once heard of Facebook, for those who don't know what Facebook is, Facebook is a social network website.
This is a website that allows you to build a network of friends and coworkers.
But Facebook isn't only that it offers alot more.
In these lessons i will explain you step by step what this is.
First surf to www.facebook.com.
Then you will see the following homepage:

On the bottomleft of the page you can change the language if you need to do this.
empty all the empty fields and next click on the register button.

Facebook will send you a confirmation email to the email adress you have given when filling out the registration form, this needs to be confirmed to activate your account.
Once you have done this you can login any place and time onto your personal facebook account.
You only need to use the top bar on the homepage of Facebook to sign in next time.

First steps of your profile

After activating your confirmation email you will see the following screen.

Step 1: Through this window you can try and find friends according to their email adress.
When you don't know the email adress of your friends you can skip this step and click the button "Skip this step" on the bottom right.

Step 2: In the next window you can enter some part of your profile data but don't worry these can allways be adjusted at any time.
When your done click the button "Save & Continue".

Step 3: You can choose to either upload a photo from your computer or make one with your webcam.
Also this can be changed at any time later on.
When you have choosen your photo click the button "Save & Continue".
Beware !
It may be possible that your profilephoto isn't visible immediatly but be patient and it will appear in your profile.

These were the first steps for making your account and when finished you will arrive on your personal Facebook homepage.