Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 2, Managing profile data

Managing your profile

In these next steps i will explain to you how you can edit your personal data and how to control what people can and cannot see about your profile.
You can see your own profile by logging into Facebook and the click on your name in the topright of the page.
This shows you how your Facebook friends will see your profile.
On the leftside of the screen beneath your profile photo you will see tabs with different categories (1), which your friends can click so they will know more about you.
You can have more categories but this all depends on what people want to share on their page.
The basic categories are: Wall, info, photos, friends and subscriptions.
In the "Info" categorie (2) you will see the basic data you have entered when signing up for your account.
To edit this data click on the button "Edit profile" (3).

Edit profile

On this page you can see different categories on the left side where you can edit your data.
In these categories you can choose what your Facebook friends can know about you.
Before choosing another categorie where you want to edit your data you have to save your data by click on the "Save changes" button.

Category: Basic information
On this page you can fill in basic information like your birthplace, gender, date of birth, etc.
You can also select what your friends can see of this information.
You can change the settings of your date of birth in a way that they can't see this when viewing your profile.

Category: Friends and family
In this category you choose how much your Facebook friends may know about your personal relations like for example your relationship.

Category: Education and work
Here you can fill in your education and work data if you want.

Category: Philosophy
Here you can add your religion, political views or things like one of your favorite quotes.

Category: Arts and entertainment
In this category you can add your favorite music, movies, books and more.
When you are adding these fields you can see that a icon will appear that is applicable for that which you entered.

Category: Sports
In here you can add your favorite sports, teams or athletes.

Category: Activities and interests
If you want you can add your hobbys and interests on this page.

Category: Contact information
In this category you can fill in your personal contact data like your phone and homeadress.
If you are using "Skype" or "Windows Messenger" you can add your username in the "IM screen name(s)" so your friends who are also using these services can add you more easily.
I wouldn't recommend adding your personal adress and phone number though, the people who need this infomation probably allready have it or if they need it they can contact you privatly.

Once again i want to reccomend you only add the data that you want your Facebook friends to know about you.
When your done with all these steps click on "View my profile" (1) and you will be brought to your profile with all the data you have just changed in the steps above.
This is how your Facebook friends will see your page now (2).
At a later time i will explain to you how you can keep certain data hidden for selected friends.