Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 3, Managing profile data (part 2)

Changing profile photo

You can change your profile photo any time you want.
You just need to be logged in to your Facebook account.
When logged in go to your profile by clicking your name on the topright of the screen.
Hover the mousecursor over your photo and you can see "Edit profile photo" appear.
When you click on this you will go to the page where you can add a new photo.
This is the same page which you saw when you first added a photo when making your profile.
You can choose again to upload one from your computer or to take one with your webcam.

Click "Choose file" and you can select a photo which is saved on your computer.
Select the photo you want and then click "Open".

You can adjust your photo by clicking on your photo beneath "Edit thumbnail".
You can also check the box that says "Scale to fit".
After you have done this click the "Save" button.
Now you can see your new profile photo by clicking on "View my profile".

Photos that you use as a profile picture will automaticly be saved in a special folder named "Profile pictures".
When you hover the mouse over a photo and don't click "Edit profile photo" but just click on the photo itself then you will be brought to this album.

When you would like to set a photo which was previously a profile photo, you select the photo and click on "Make this my profile picture" just beneath the photo.
Now you can see that your old photo is once again set as your profile photo.

Setting Facebook notifications

One of the first things you need to do when you make a new profile is setting the notifications you will get from Facebook.
You can see your notifications straight away by clicking the globe on top of the screen.
Every time you have a new notification the globe icon will show a number in a red square with the amount of notifications you have.

You can change the settings of which notifications you will receive through email by clicking on the downpointing arrow in the topright of the screen and then choosing "account settings" from the dropdown menu.

Now click on "Notifications".

Now you will see a list of all notifications of which you can change the settings seperatly if you want to receive emails from them or not.
You can change these settings by clicking on "Edit" on the rightside of the notification you want to edit.

In the menu that will appear you can check the boxes of the notifications you want to be send to your email.
When you are done with this you can click "Save changes".
This can be done for each and every notification.