Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 4, Search and add friends

Searching and adding friends

A facebook friend can be someone you are working with, a schoolbuddy, a real life friend or even a stranger, although this is rare.
You can send out your own friend requests or you get one, but to become facebook friends you both need to confirm your friendship.
Only after the confirmation you a real "friends" and you can start looking at each others profile.
Now you will also see the activities of your friend appear on your Wall.

Searching friends

Type in the name of your friend in the searchbar on top of facebook and you will immediatly see a few similarities with the name you have just entered.

When you cant find the person who you are looking for directly you need to click on "See more results for...".
On the leftside of the page you can then enable some filters to make your search more accurate.
When you click "People" for example Facebook will only look for real persons.
When you have found the person you were looking for you can send them a friend request by clicking on the "+1 add friend" button.
As soon as this person will accept your friend request you will be facebook friends.

If you aren't sure if this is the person you are looking for, you can click on his/her name to see a bit more information about the person.
But because you aren't friends yet its not possible to see all the detailed information of this person.
This information can be very limited depending what he/she made visible to strangers in the privacy settings.

When you click on the friends icon on the top left of the screen you can see your friend requests.
If you click on "Find friends" you can look for friends on alternate ways in facebook.

Through this page you can search for friends by giving in your email adress in the corresponding email services for example.
When for example you are using Windows Live Messenger and you enter your ID here you can search in your email contacts for possible friends.
If people you find here don't have a Facebook account yet its also possible to directly invite them to make a account.

Managing friend requests

When you see a red square with a number in it next to your friends icon, this means that you have a friend request.

Now click this friends icon to see who send you the request.
You can either choose to "Confirm" if you want to be friends or "Not now" if you want to deny the friend request.

When you click "Not now" this request will be hidden and you will be asked if you know this person in or outside Facebook.

You can allways look into the hidden friend requests at a later time by clicking on the friends icon and then on "See all friend requests".

When you click on "See hidden requests" you can still either confirm or definitly remove the friend request.

To get back to your friendslist you need to click on your name in the topright of the page and next on "Friends" beneath your profile photo.
Here you can see two icons to find new friends, namely "Find email contacts" with the help of a certain email adress and "Find classmates" with the help of certain criteria to find someone.