Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 5, Sorting and removing friends

Sorting friends in lists

When your friendslist in Facebook is becoming bigger and bigger it might be usefull to sort your friends in different lists.
This way its easier to find someone or send messages to a certain group of people.
To sort your friends in lists first click on "Home" in the navigation bar.
Now in the left of the screen you can see "Lists" and when you hover your mousecursor here a text with "More" will appear.
Click on this text to go to the section where you can make and sort lists.
Click on the list where you want to put some of your friends in.
On the right a bar will appear where you can type the name of your friend.

While you are typing your friend will appear and when you click on his profile he will be immediatly be added to that list.

When you want to add a new list yourself click on "Create list".
Enter the name you wish to give to this list and click the "Create" button.

Your new list is made and now you only have to type the name of your friend you want to add here in the field on the rightside.

Click on your friend when he appears and he will be added to your new list.

You can still edit your lists by clicking on "Manage list".
Here you can choose to change the list name, add or remove a friend or even remove the list completly if you want to do so.

Remove or block friends

Its possible that at a certain moment you want to remove or block friends from your Facebook friendslist.

To remove friends click on "Find friends" on the navigationbar and next choose "Manage friend list" in the window that opens.

Now you can see your list with friends and next to each of your friends it says "Friends".
When you hover your mouse over this button a dropdown menu will unfold with a few options.
In this menu you can either choose to add this friend to a list or the last option "Unfriend" which basicly means removing this person from your friendslist.

You can also still cancel the removal in the newly opened window.
When you definitly remove this friend, this person will not have any more permission to see your profile.

When you want to make it impossible that certain individuals can still find you after you have removed them from your friendslist you can also choose to block them.
To do this click on the downpointing arrow next to "Home" and select "Privacy settings".

Scroll all the way down on the page and click "Manage blocking".

In the new window next to "Block users" you enter the name of the person you wish to block and click on the "Block" button.

You will now see a list with names who correspond to the one you entered, from this list you will choose the person you wish to block and click the "Block" button next to their name.

At a later time you can still disable your block on this person by following the same procedure as above only then click the "Unblock" button next to the blocked person.