Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 6, Pages and groups

Adding pages and groups

You won't only find individuals on Facebook but also companies, movies, books, bands, actors and other organizations which we call Facebook pages.
You can also find Facebook groups, these are pages about a certain subject at which different kinds of people share one common interest.
This is usefull when you want to be updated for certain events and stuff you are interested in.
These can be found by searching their name in the searchbar.

When you start typing the name some simmulairities will immediatly appear.
Choose "See more results for...." and you will get a full list you can choose the thing you are looking for.
On the left of your screen you can activate some search filters to more easily find what you are looking for (person, page, group, etc.).

When one of the found results is clicked you will be brought to the associated page.
If you are interested in this page you can click the "Like" button.

Next you will be asked to copy two words as a safety check in the empty box.
When you hit submit and copied the words correctly this page will be added to your profile.

You can still remove this page at a later time by going to the page and scroll down a bit till you see a "Unlike" link on the left of the screen and click it.

Making your own Facebook group

When you are interested in a certain subject and you want to share this with other people who have simular interests you can make a Facebook group about this subject.
You can even make a group with only friends which you will choose yourself.

To avoid complications its best to look via the searchbar first if there isn't a group with the same topic allready because then its maybe better if you join the existing group by clicking "Join".

Its allways possible to leave the group by scrolling down on their page and on the leftside click on the link "Leave group".

To make a group yourself you need to go to your "Home" page and click on "New group" on the left of the page.

You can choose a groupname and you can fill in some of your friends who you want to join your group at "Members" and finaly choose for who this group is visable.
When your finished click the "Create" button and your new group has been made.
Now you and members of your group can share messages, photos, links, videos, etc about this subject.
Whenever a update happens this will appear in yours and the members of the group their news feed.