Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 8, Home

Your homepage

The first page you see when logging in is your homepage.
The homepage is the page which keeps you uptodate on your friends and pages activities.
You can allways go back to your homepage by clicking on the Facebook logo on the top left of the screen or clicking "Home" on the top right of the screen.

On the leftside you can see different links beneath "Favourites".
The first link is "Welcome".
This link is here because you just started to use Facebook.
On this spot you can add friends by using you email or follow the options that Facebook will give when there are new friends to be viewed or confirmed.
After a while this link will automaticly be removed from your Facebook account.

The second link is "News feed".
On this page you can see the activities of your friends, pages, etc,.
You can find a couple of options here like "Update status", "Add photo/video", "Ask question".
With these options you can keep yourself uptodate about your activities.
I will explain about this more in a later lesson.

The third link is "Messages".
Here you can see all the conversations you had with your friends.
In a later lesson i will explain how you can send messages to your friends.

The fourth link is "Events".
At this page you can see your planned events and when you click on "Friend's events" you can see the events of your friends.
When you want to make a event yourself just click on the "Create event" button.

When you create a new event a new window will open where you can enter a name, date, location etc for you planned event.
You can also upload a photo by clicking on "Add event photo".

You can invite people for your event by clicking on "Select guests".
And then you can select your friends which you want to invite by checking the box at their names.
When you are done click on "Save and close".

Finaly click on "Create event" and your event has been made.
A invitation is automaticly send to the friends you have selected.
You can still add extra guests, edit the event and send the guests you invited a message.

The fifth link is "Find friends".
This link is to add friends but we allready explained this in a previous lesson.