Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 9, Newsfeed and wall


In this lesson i will talk more about the link "Newsfeed" on your homepage because this is a important part of your Facebook account.
This is the page where you can find the status updates of your friends.

Om the rightside of the page you can see a window with the status updates of your friends with the things they are momentarily are doing on Facebook.
When you hover on this window a scrollbar will appear which you can use to scroll up or down to see more of the updates.

When you click on "Sort" you can choose to either "Highlighted stories first" where Facebook will choose which reports it thinks are most important to you.
Or you can choose "Recent stories first" so that you will get to see the most recent reports first.

When you think that in your opinion a certain friend(s) are posting to much uniteresting news but you don't want to remove them as your Facebook friend, then you can hide their messages so they will not appear in your newsfeed anymore.
To do this first look for the message of your friend in the newsfeed.

Move your cursor over the name and wait till a new small window will open with the thumbnail of your friend and two buttons "Friends" and "Subscribed".
Next hover your cursor over "Subscribed" untill a dropdown menu will open.
You can now choose some of the following options about this friends updates.
You can choose to show "All updates", "Most updates" or "Only important updates" and beneath that you can choose what type of updates you want to see of this friend like music, games, photos, status updates etc.

You can also adjust these setting by going to that friends profile and click on "Subscribed" on the right in the navigationbar.
A dropdown menu will appear where you can choose again which type of messages you would like to see from this friend.

Your wall

Your wall is the place your friends see when looking at your profile.
Everything which you past like, photos, status updates and movies will be displayed on your wall.
Friends can also post things on your wall, but everything that you put their can be seen by your friends.
Click on your name in the navigation bar.

Now beneath your profile photo you can see the link "Wall", click on this link and your wall will open.

When there is something on your wall that you don't want everyone to see you can remove this.
Hover your mouse over this message until a "x" can be seen or click on the cogwheel or globe button on the rightside of the message (this all depends on the type of message it is you want to remove).
Click on one of the symbols below and choose to "Delete post" or "Delete comment".

In every message you can see the links "Like", "Comment" and "Share".

"Like" means that you like the message that is posted without you wanting to put a comment.
"Comment" is used to give a reaction to that message, its also still possible to remove a friends reaction on your wall by clicking the "x".
"Share" is used when you want to post a photo, movie, message, etc that you have seen in a friends wall, just click "Share" and it will appear on your wall.

Writing on your friends wall

Writing on a friends wall is one of many ways to communicate with each other in Facebook.
But be carefull since everything you write on the wall can be seen by all your friends and also the friends of the friend whose wall you are writing on.

Now go to the profile of your friend.

On top of the newly opened page you can see you have the choice to write a message or to share a photo/video.
To write a message on his/her wall you type something in the box that says "Write something".
When you are done writing click on "Share".

Now you can see your message has been posted on the wall of your friend.

To add a photo or video on your friends website you need to click "Add photo/video" and then a new window will open which will give you the choice to upload a file from your computer or make a movie through a webcam.
How this is done is explained in the next lesson.