Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 10, Update status and file sharing

Update status

Updating your status is a fast and easy way to let your friends know what you are doing at this moment.
Go to the "Newsfeed" on your "Home" page.

In the "Whats on your mind" box you can share with your friends what you are currently doing.
Its also possible to link a friend into this message.

To link someone in your message first click on the icon that looks like a person with a "+" sign next to him and then a next text box will open like in the image below.
Now enter the name of your friend in this new box where it says "Who are you with?" and select your friend.
You can also add your location by clicking on the icon next to the friend add icon.
You can either enter a location here or choose one of the locations that will be given to you.

When you click on "Public" a menu will open where you can select who can see your status.
For anyone you choose "Public", for only your friends you choose "Friends", only me if you to keep this post to yourself and when you choose "Custom" you can choose which friends will and won't see your current status.
You can also see your friendlists here which you can select if you only want a certain group of friends to see your status.

Now all you have to do is click "Post" and your status will be posted on your wall.
From now you can see your status on your wall and your friends will see it appear on their "Home" page.

Adding photos and video

Go to the "Newsfeed" on your "Home" page.
Click on "Add photo/video".

Here you can upload a photo or video which is on your compter or use the webcam to make a photo video and upload it or to make a complete photoalbum by using some photos and upload them into one folder.

To upload one single photo or video you click on "Upload photo/video".
In the field "Say something about this" you can add some text to the photo video.
Click on "Browse" to search the file you want to upload on your computer.
And select the file on your computer which you want to upload.

When you click on "Public" you can choose again who will see your photo/video and who can't.
When your done you only need to click on "Post" and your file will be uploaded to your profile.

The file can now be seen on your profile and in the "Newsfeed" of your friends.

To record a movie with your webcam and upload it into Facebook You click on "Use webcam".
You will be asked to give permission to Facebook to use your webcam.
Next click the record button to start the recording and stop to stop the recording.
You can preview the movie by clicking "Play" and if you are not satisfied you can make a new movie by clicking "Reset".
To post the movie click on "Post", your movie will be uploaded now and can be seen by you and your friends from now on on their "Newsfeed".

To upload a couple of photos and place them in one folder you need to click "Create photo album".
Then click on "Select photos to upload" and choose the folder where the photos are saved on your computer.
You can select multiple photos by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard.
After selecting your photos you click on "Open".
Now your photos are being uploaded and in the meanwhile you can give your album a name.
You can also give a album desciption and location and add some text to each photo.
You can choose in which quality your photos are being saved, but as you can see when you choose "High quality" it will take a while longer to upload your photos.
When you click "Public" you can set for who you want to make the photos visable.

When you are done with everything click on "Post photos".

Your photoalbum is now created and can be seen on your and your friends "Newsfeed".
If you'd like you can add a comment beneath your photos, on the rightside you can click to add another photo to the album and maybe tag one of you friend which is in one of the photos.