Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 11, Notes and tags


A status update may only contain 420 signs.
When you want to post something like for instance a blog or an essay that exceeds this amount then you can use a Facebook note.

On the leftside of the screen you can see "Apps" with beneath it the link "Notes".
When you click on this a menu will unfold.

Pages Notes: here you can find notes of the pages which you have marked with "Like".
My drafts: Here you can find your notes which you have allready written but not yet posted on your wall.
Notes about me: Here you can find notes which your friends have written about you.
My notes: Here you can find your own written notes.

In each of these links you can find a button "Write a note" to write your own note.
When you are ready to write a note click on this button.

Every note must have a title.
In the "Body" area you can write your note.

At "Tags" you can add a friend or for example a facebook page.
When you are typing in the box you will get to see some examples immediatly related to what you are typing, all you have to do is click which tag you want there.
Later i will explain "Tagging" more.

You can also add one or multiple photos, to do this click on "Add a photo" (1), then click "Browse" (2), select the photo(s) on your computer and click "Open".
When you do this you can select a layout next to the photo(s) how you want your text with photos to be posted (3).
You can also add some caption with the photo which can be done in the caption box.
Its also possible to import a photo that is allready on your profile, just click on the photo that you wish to import beneath the text "Import photos" (4).

At "Privacy" you can choose who can see your note.

And finally you can choose to:

Publish: Click here when you are ready and want to publish your note.
Preview: When you click on this you will get to see a example of what your note will look like when you publish it.
Save draft: Click here when you don't want to publish your note yet but do want to save it to publish it at a later time. You can then find this note back in the link "Drafts".
Discard: Click here to remove your note.

When you publish your note this will appear on your wall and on your friends "Newsfeed".
You can still edit, remove or make comments on your note.
This is done just below your note.

Tag someone

Tagging is to link someone to a message or photo.
You can also tag a Facebook page.
Here i will explain you how you can tag someone in a message and in a later lesson where i will explain more detailed about photos i will show you how you can tag someone on a photo.

When you are tagged you will see this at your "Notifications".
On top of the page a red square will appear next to the globe icon.
(Right now i dont have any notifications).

To tag someone in a status update you need to type the name of the person or page that you want to tag.

When typing some suggestions will appear, just click the one you want to link to your message.

When you click on "Public" you can also select who can and cannot see your message.
Click on "Post" and your status update will appear on your wall and in the "Newsfeed" of your friends.

The person who you tagged will get a message that he has been tagged in your message.
You and your friends can also comment, share or "Like" the message.

As you can see the name of the person who you have tagged in your update is blue.
When you click on his name you will be brought to his profile.