Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 12, Managing photos and videos

Manage photos and videos

Go to your profile page and click on "Photos" below your profile photo.
Here you will find all your uploaded photos and albums.
You can upload more photos and videos on this page by clicking on "Upload photos" or "Upload video" and following the same steps as i explained to you in lesson 8.

Here you can still edit or remove every photo, video or album.
Just click on the album you want to edit.
Now you can see the photos that are in the album, you can add a comment at the bottom, add extra photos to the album, tag photos and share your photos.

Edit album

Click on "Edit album" to bring changes to your photos.
A window like the one below will open which ables you to change the name of the album, location, add a description, change the privacy settings, edit your photo and remove the album.
Next click on "Edit photos" on the bottom left of the new window.

In here you can edit each photo individually.

When you are done making changes to your photos click "Save changes" on the bottom of the page.

Tag someone in a photo

Select the album or video where you want to tag someone in and click "Tag photo".
Type the name of your friend that you want to link to the photo(s).

Next click on the photos where your friend is in.
You will see a darkend window appear in the photo where you can select your friends face, this is usefull when you are tagging more than one person on a photo.
When you are done tagging click on "Save tags" and your friend will be linked to your photos.

You can now see the name of the person with a thumbnail who can be seen in the album.

Your friend will get a notifications that he is tagged in your album.
If he doesn't want to be in your album he can allways untag himself.
To remove a tag you select the photo with the tag and move your mousecursor over the name of the friend which you would like to untag or yourself when someone has tagged you.
You will then see "Remove tag", click on this and the tag will be removed.

Sharing photos/videos

You can share your photos and videos in different places.
When you have just placed a few photos or videos on Facebook its not neccesairy to share them yet because when you are posting them they are allready automaticly shown on your profile and in the newsfeed of your friends.

If you have a somewhat older album or video and you want to put it in the spotlight once more its a good time to click "Share"

You can write something like a comment and when your done click "Share album".

Your album is now posted again on your profile and can also be seen again at your friends newfeeds.

You can also share your photos or videos on other websites beside Facebook.
Go back to your photos and select the album you want to share.
Below this album you can see a link.
Click on the blue text and your mailbox will open so you can share this with people who are not on Facebook.
You can also share your photo/video in a chat outside Facebook, just copy the link with Ctrl + c and copy the link wherever it needs to be displayed.