Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 13, Private messages

Send, receive and delete private messages

When you want to share something personally with a friend you can send him a private message without all of Facebook knowing what you are discussing.

Sending a private message

Go to the profile of the person who you want to send a message to and click on "Message".

In this newly opened window you can type your message and include a file or photo if you want.
Click on "Send" and your message will be send.
Only the person who you are sending the message to will be able to read this.

Another way to send a private message is to click on the message icon in the navigation bar on top of your Facebook page.
Next click on "Send new message".
You can also add multiple people here to which you want to send the message and when you want to send it to a list of friends you will enter the name of the list.

Enter your message and click "Send" to send your message.

Receiving a private message

When you receive a new private message a red square with a number will appear at the message icon in the navigation bar of your Facebook page.
To see the message just click on the message icon.

You can reply quickly to the receive message by clicking on the message.
This will open your private messages history with this person and in the lowest box you can reply to the last message you received.

Removing a private message

Go to your "Home" page and click on "Message" just below your profile photo.
Here you can see your messages.
On the right of the message you can see a "x" sign and when you put the mousecursor there a text that says "Archive" will appear.
When you click on this your message will be removed.

Actually its not removed exactly but it is archived and when you receive another message or send one to this person you will see all your message again with this person.