Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 15, Facebook apps

What are Facebook apps ?

Facebook applications are small pieces of software that can be found in Facebook.
There are many kind of apps on Facebook which can be found through the link "Apps" on your "Home" page.
When clicked on this link a window will open which shows you all the different types of apps divided into categories.
Some of these apps like messages, search friends, notes and photos we allready discussed in previous lessons.
In this lesson i will explain about some who we didnt give any attention to.

Application request
These are programms which can be used on Facebook.
There are thousands of programms you can add to your Facebook like a birthday calender, horoscope, quizes about your friends and many many more.
You choose which programm you want to use and you can also see at "Friends using" which programms your friends are using.

Game requests
There are alot games that you can play on Facebook nowadays.
When you go here you can see a list of games and also which games are being play by your friends.

Adding application

Select the application that you wish to install.
Facebook will first ask for permission if you want this application to have acces to your data.
When you click on "Don't allow" its not possible to use this app.
Click on "Allow" and you can use this app from now on.

Depending on the app you will need to follow some steps to install it, but this is different with each and every app.

Removing application

When you want to remove a app you need to go to your "Home" page and click the "Apps" link.
Now you can see your list of apps.

Left of every app you can see a pencil icon.
When you click on this icon you have to choice to add this app to your favorites, change the settings or to remove the app.

Click on "Remove app" and in a new window you have to confirm this by clicking on "Remove".

From this moment on the app is removed.

Blocking application

Sometime you get requests from friends about certain apps like for example games they are playing.
When you dont want to get any messages from these apps you can block them.

After you have received a request like that you can see this on your "Home" page below "Apps", You can see a blue square to the right of the app with the amount of requests in it.

Click on "Game requests and you will get a list with all your requests.
Next to each request you can see "Accept" or "X".

To block the requests of this app click on the "x" icon.
Then you will get the choice to block everything of this app by clicking on "Block ....." and you will never get any request anymore for this app.
But you can also choose for "Ignore all requests from .....", if you will choose this then this person can never send you any app request anymore.

You can allways unblock anything at a later time in your privacy setting which i will explain more about in lesson 19.