Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 16, Facebook pages

Facebook page

You can make a Facebook page to promote your company, organisation, band, etc..
The difference with a Facebook group is that with a page everyone who is on Facebook can "Like" the page and in a group you need to become a member, this can be limited because of the requirements of the prefered group.

Making a Facebook page

Go to www.facebook.com/pages

You will now see a list of existing pages and on the right side you can click on "Create page" to start making your own page.

In the newly opened window you can choose what type of page you want to create.

You will see that once you select one of these you will have to fill in some forms.
When all of the boxes are filled and you agreed to the terms of service you can click "Get started".

As a safety precaution you will be asked to copy the words in the entry box and click "Send".

Next are three steps to complete your page (these can be altered at a later time).

Step 1:
Choosing a profile photo for your page by uploading a photo.

Step 2:
Inviting friends, invite your friends by clicking on "Invite friends" and selecting your Facebook friends.
And its also possible to invite friends who aren't on Facebook by clicking on "Import contacts", this way you can tell friends about your page through email.

Step 3:
Here you can enter some basic information information like a website and a short description.

When the first three steps are completed your Facebook page is created.
You can still change your information, photos, etc at any time.
As you can see this is the same as with your personal profile page.