Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 17, Edit Facebook page

Edit page

You can allways change the settings and information of your page by clicking on "Edit page" on the top right of the screen when you are on the page of the page that you created.
On the leftside you can see the different categories where you can change data in.
When you are altering these settings you should also click on "Save changes" on the bottom of the page before you select another category.

Category 1: Your settings
Here you can change your posting preferences and email notifications.

Category 2: Manage permissions
In this category you can manage for who you want to make your page visable and what can be written on your wall.

Category 3: Basic information
In this category you can change your basic information like adress, name of your page, website, phone number, etc.

Category 4: Profile picture
Here you can change your profile photo.

Category 5: Featured
Here your "Likes" are displayed and the owners of the page.

Category 6: Resources
Through this category you can make your pages more famous with tools like for example advertisement, linking your page to twitter and more.

Category 7: Manage admins
Here you can add other admins for your page so not only you but also someone else can manage the page.
Enter the name of the person who you want to make admin in the empty field and click on "Save changes", you will be asked to enter your password and safetykey and then you will have added a new admin.

To change admins click on "Remove" next to their name.

Category 8: Apps
Here you can manage your applications like your photos, links, notes, etc.

Category 9: Mobile
In this category you will get some explenation about mobile internet and mail.
This function is not available in all countries.

Category 10: Insights
Here you can find the statistics for your page.
How many people like your page, daily visitors, active users and more.
Through this category you can also make an advertisement for your page by clicking on the "Create and advert", but be carefull since you need to pay for making advertisement on Facebook.