Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 18, Using Facebook as a page

Using Facebook as a page

You can also use Facebook as a page, in other words this means that you will no longer be logged in with your personal profile but with your page.
So when you click "Like" or add comments people will see your page responded instead of your own name.

Click on the downpointing arrow on top of the screen and select "Use Facebook as:" and then select the name of your page.

You are now logged in as your page.
A small tour will open and if you want you can follow it by clicking the "Start tour" button.

To login with your own personal profila again follow the same procedure by clicking the downpointing arrow and click on "Switch back to your name".

Removing your Facebook page

To remove your Facebook page you need to go to your "Home" page and click on the page you want to remove on the left side of the screen.

Next click on "Edit page".

Then if you go to the category "Manage permissions" you can find the text "Delete page" on the bottom of the page.
Click on "Permanently delete ...... " to delete your page.

When you click the link you will get one last chance to save your page.
When you click "Delete" it will be permanently deleted.