Facebook online training course

Facebook lesson 19, Privacy and security settings

Changing privacy settings

By changing your privacy settings you can set what is visible for your friends and others.
To go to your privacy settings click on the downpointing arrow in the navigationbar and click on "Privacy settings" from the dropdown menu.

Then the window like the one in the image below will open where you can change your settings.

On this page you also have different categories:
Category 1: Control your default privacy
Here you can choose if you want to make your profile "Public" so that everyone can see your photos and status updates also the ones that aren't friends with you.
You can also choose for "Friends" so that only the people who are friends with you on Facebook can see your photos and status updates.
And if you choose "Custom" you can choose which persons or lists which can or cannot see your photos and status updates.

Category 2: How you connect
Here you can set who can contact and find you on Facebook.
Click on "Edit settings" on the right.

In the next screen you can begin with answering the questions to configure who has authorization to view your profile.
When you are done with this click on "Done".

Category 3: How tags work:
In this category you can change the settings for what happens when your friends tag you.
Click on "Edit settings".

A new window will open again where you can decide who and when you can be tagged.
When your done click on "Done".

Category 4: Apps and websites
Here you can change the settings for which information you place visibly for websites and applications.
Click on "Edit settings".

Here you will also get a list with settings you can edit, when your done making your chances you need to click "Back to privacy" on the top left of the list.

Category 5: Limit the audience for past posts
Here you can edit the visibility of your messages.
Click on "Manage past post visibility".

But beware that when you will change these settings you are changing the settings of all your old messages so that only your friends can see them.
Afterwards you can only change this back by altering each message independently and changing the visibility of it.
You will also get a warning when you want to continue this option.