Mozilla Firefox online training course

Firefox lesson 1, The basics

The basic layout

With this lesson i hope your yourney to explore firefox has begun.
First let me start with explaining what is where and what everything is called.

When we open firefox on top of the screen we can find the titlebar (1).
On the rightside of your titlebar you can find three buttons. Minimize, maximize and close.
Those same buttons can be found when you click the firefox icon on the left side of the titlebar.
I asume everyone knows what these buttons do but just to be sure i will explain it anyway.
The first button "minimize" will minimize firefox to the taskbar of Windows.
The second button "maximize" will open firefox in full size.
The last button "close" will close firefox.

Underneath the titlebar we have the menubar (2).
Underneath the menubar we have the tabbar (3).
Underneath the tabbar we have the navigationbar (4).
On the rightside of the navigationbar we can find the searchbar (5).
And underneath those we can find our bookmarks (6).
Now we know where all toolbars are i will tell you how you can hide these.

By clicking on a button in the menubar (1) a drop down menu will unfold with different kind of actions. Most of these actions will be discussed in this training.
If there is a arrow pointing right next to a action a submenu will unfold when you move the cursor over this action (2).
Click on the button "view" in the menubar and move your cursor on the option "toolbars" you can then see the different available toolbars in firefox.
When you first install firefox three toolbars will be activated.

The toolbars which have a tick infront of them are shown and those who dont have a tick infront of them are hidden. By clicking on a toolbar in the list you can hide or show them depending if they are allready active or deactive.

Next to the many different toolbars we also have 2 sidebars (1). A sidebar will be opened at the side of the firefoxscreen when it will be opened.
You can choose for the sidebar "bookmarks" or "history".
Only 1 sidebar can be opened at a time.
You can open or close a sidebar the same way you do with a toolbar.
The sidebar "history" gives you the history of your previously visited sites.
And the sidebar "bookmarks" gives you shortcuts to websites which you have visited with firefox and saved at the time. This way it will be easier to find back websites later instead of remembering them.

The navigationbar

Next i will explain about a important part of firefox, namely the navigationbar.
On the leftside of the navigationbar you can find 2 arrows (1). One pointing left and the other pointing right.

Clicking on the left arrow will bring you back to the previously visited page.
Clicking on the right arrow will bring you to the next visited page.
When keeping the mousebutton clicked on one of the arrows for 2 seconds a list will appear with which you can go back or forth a certain pages depending if you are on the left or right arrow.

Next to the arrows is the url bar (2). In the url bar you enter the webadress from the website you wish to visit. In fact this is a "smart" url bar. The firefox url bar will automaticly show a list of urls which you have allready visited so you can find the url you need even faster.
For example : if you type "free" in the url bar, firefox will show you a list of sites you have visited before with the word "free" in it.

Next is a small star next to the url bar (3). This star is a fast and easy way to make a bookmark of a website you are visiting. When there is a website you like just click it and give the website a name so you can find it later in your bookmarks.

Next we have the "refresh" button (4). When you click on this the page you are currently on will refresh. This is interesting for example newssites. These sites constantly change their content and when you navigate the website over and over again with the next and previous buttons it will be loaded from the cachememory of your computer so you will not see the latest version of the page. So if you want to see the latest version of a page, just click "refresh".

Then we have the searchtab (5). The standard search engine for this tab is google but if you prefer another just click the downpointing arrow to choose another.
How a searchbar works ? Its easy, just enter the name of a topic you want to search and press enter.

The last button is the "home" button (6). This will bring you back to the page you set as your homepage.
The standard page for this is the firefox google page but you can change this to any page you want. In a later lesson i will explain you how to change it.