Mozilla Firefox online training course

Firefox lesson 2, Toolbars and hyperlinks

Adjusting toolbars

You can adjust your toolbar to your own need in two ways.
First you can click on the toolbar with your right mousebutton and choose "customise" in the drop down menu.
Or you can click on the "view" button, then choose toolbars and click "customise".
This opens the "customise toolbar" window (1).
To add a command to the toolbar just click and drag it from the customise toolbar window to the toolbar itsself (2). To relocate a command in the toolbar just click the icon and drag this to the place you want it to be in the toolbar (3). Beware that the window "customise toolbar" has to be opened to do this though.
To delete a command from the toolbar just click and drag a icon back to the "customise toolbar" window.

On the bottom of the "customise toolbar" windows there are a few buttons (4) which i think all do understand.
The button "add new toolbar" wil be further explained in the second part of this lesson.
Clicking on the button "restore default set" puts all commands back to the standard setting of firefox.

Making a new toolbar

To make a new toolbar we open the window "customise toolbar" and then click the button "add new toolbar".
This opens a dialogwindow where you give the toolbar a name and click "OK" when you are done.

This will place create a new empty toolbar underneath the navigationbar (1).
From the dialogwindow "customise toolbar" you can click and drag any commands you wish to add to the new toolbar.
When we look now we can see that the new toolbar is added to the list of available toolbars (2).


Anyone who has used the internet will surely know what a "hyperlink" is.
For those of you who dont know what it is, a hyperlink is a link to a new page, a new site, a downloadable file, video or anything in that matter. When you move the mousecurser over a hyperlink the arrow will change to a "hand" for you to know its clickable.

How this link will open is in many ways controlled by the site maker. I say most because like most of you have noticed that when you click on a google advertisement it will open in the same page. This is the policy of google and not of the designer of the website.

In firefox the user of the website has control about how a link will be opened.
Instead of clicking on a link with your left mousebutton, just click on it with your right mousebutton.
Then a menu will appear where you can choose how you want to open the link "open link in new tab" or "open link in new window" (1).
I assume everyone knows what open link in new window does. When you click open link in new tab it will open the link in a new tab which i will explain to you more deeply in the next lesson.