Mozilla Firefox online training course

Firefox lesson 3, All about tabs

Surfing with tabs

The big advantage in surfing with different tabs instead of different windows is that its pretty easy to open and close tabs so that your screen isnt fully filled with browerwindows. If you have five browserwindows opened it can be pretty hectic but if you have five tabs open its still clear what you are doing.
I explained you in the last lesson how to open and close tabs.
However when you hold down the Ctrl-button on your keyboard while clicking on a link i will be automaticly opened in a new tab. This is alot quicker than opening the link everytime with you right mousebutton and then choosing "open link in new tab".

To close a tab you just need to click the x-icon (1) on the rightside of the tab.
To open a new tab without going to a certain page click the plus sign right from the tabs (2).
If you click the small down pointing arrow on the far right of the tabs (3) a list will appear with all the opened tabs.
This can come in handy if you have alot tabs open and you want to go quickly from one to another

When you regularly have a couple of pages open with new content it can be usefull to refresh these pages to see the newly added content.
You can do this with the "refresh button" in your navigationbar but when you have multiple tabs open where things might change ofter its more conveniant if you can refresh them all at once right ?
To do this just rightclick on any tab and then choose "reload all tabs" in the drop down menu.

This will refresh all pages in all tabs so you will see the most recent content.
When firefox is busy refreshing you will see a spinning circle infront of the title of the tab.
When refreshing is done the icon of the site will appear again on the tab.

If you want to close all tabs with the exeption of the one that is currently open just rightclick on the tab you want to keep and select "close other tabs" in the drop down menu.
In a new window that appears click "close tabs" to confirm.

Tab options

We have a couple of options we can configure to our needs in firefox.
One of those options is about configuring our tabs.
If you want to configure your tabs please click "tools" and then "options" to get to the configuration screen.
In this tab six options are available for us to activate or deactivate.
The first option "open new windows in new tab instead" is for when for example you are in a word document and will click a link in there it will open in a new tab.
The second "warn me when closing multiple tabs" is what we talked about in the previous section of this lesson.
The third option "warn me when opening multiple tabs might slow down firefox" seems obvious to me. It will show a window when this will be the case.
The fourth "allways show the tab bar" will hide the tab bar when only one tab bar is active.
The fifth "when i open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediatly" does what it says. Normally when you open a new tab it will run in the background but when this is active the tab will open immediatly.
The last option "show tab previews in the windows taskbar" when this is checked you will see a small preview of all tabs when you hover your mousebutton over the firefox icon in your windows taskbar.