Mozilla Firefox online training course

Firefox lesson 4, Options in firefox

General options

The general options window is divided into 4 parts.
In the first part (1) you decide what will happen when firefox is started.
You can choose "show my homepage", "show a blank page" or "show my windows and tabs from last time".
Do you choose "show my homepage" then everytime you start firefox the page will be opened which you have entered in (2) next to "homepage".
If you choose "show a blank page" then everytime you start firefox nothing but a empty page will be shown.
If you choose the third option "show my windows and tabs from last time" then everytime you restart firefox all tabs and windows which were opened when you last closed firefox will be reopened.

Do you click on the button "use current pages" then all pages which are opened at the time you click it will be considered as your homepage(s).
When you click "use bookmark" you ca choose a bookmark as your homepage. More about bookmarks in a later lesson.
If you click "restore to default" then the mozilla website will become your homepage.

In part 3 of the general options window we choose what will happen with the files we download from the internet. In part 4 we have the options for Add-ons.
Add-ons are pieces of software which add new functions to the firefox software.
More about add-ons in a later lesson.

Content options

The options for tabs we allready saw in the previous lesson so lets continue with the content options.
In the window content options we choose what we allow in a browserwindow. With allowing i mean which script may or may not be executed.

At the the top there is the option "block pop-up windows".
Pop-up windows are usually anoying windows who just appear on your screen when you didnt ask it. Normally this option is activated and in my advice i would keep it that way. I guarantee you that when you disable this option pop-up windows will soon enough be getting on your nerves. If there is a site which you want to allow bringing pop-ups to your screen you can allways click "exeptions" to the right of the pop-up checkbox.
The second option "load images automaticly" does what it says. It automaticly loads the images which were added on the page. If you dont want to see images at certain pages you can click "exeptions" and give the url where you dont want to see them.
The third option "enable javascript" allows you to activate or deactivate certain scipts by clicking the "advanced" button on the right of it. Javascripts are small pieces of code which do certain things in the background. So yeah some can be deactivated but some need to be active.

Next we can choose the fonttype and the size of the fonts. And also the language. Although you need to take the last option with a grain of salt. This only applies when the visited page will be available in the selected language.