Mozilla Firefox online training course

Firefox lesson 5, Applications and privacy

Application options

Through the option panel applications you can choose how firefox handles different file types as for example PDF documents and MP3s.
For each type of file firefox recognises you can select a action:
  • Open the file in the firefox screen with a plugin.
  • Open the file with a application on your computer.
  • Save the file in your download folder.

To choose a option select the name of a filetype in the list and then click on the down pointing arrow on its rightside to open the drop down menu.

Choosing a application:
If you want to use a local webapplication for the processing of the file you will choose that application in the dropdown menu. When you want the file to be processed by a application that is not in the list you choose "use other" and then select the location of it on your computer in the popup screen.

Choosing a function or plugin:
When you want a function or plugin inside firefox to process the filetype and the one you want is available then choose it in the dropdown menu.

Save file:
Some filetypes can be saved to your computer.
Select "save file" in the menu to save that type of file to your computer on the location that is given in the dialogwindow "options", "general". ( more about this in Lesson 18 )

Privacy options

In this option tab we control how firefox processes your history.
And with history i only mean the surf history when you used firefox with surfing, downloading, forms and things like that.

For this we have three options in the top box (1).
Depending on what you select in the top box other options will appear below.

When firefox is set to "remember history" it will :

  • Save a list of all the pages which you have visited in the last 90 days. So if there are websites you dont want anyone to know you are visiting this option is not for you
  • Firefox will save a list of all the files you have downloaded in the folder "downloads".
  • Firefox will remember the text you have inserted in forms so it will automaticly fill out simular forms.
  • Firefox will accept cookies from websites till these expire. What is a cookie ? A cookie is information from a site you have visited which is saved on your computer.

When firefox is set to "never remember history" it will :

  • Not remember any data about your surf history.
  • Firefox will not show downloaded files in the folder "downloads".
  • Firefox will not remember text you have entered in forms.
  • Firefox will accept cookies from websites but will delete them when you close firefox.

When firefox is set to "use custom setting for history" it will ask you to manually set all options as you can see in the image below (1).

I will give some information about the option "when using the location bar, suggest:" (2).
The locationbar is the horizontal bar in which the adres of a website is shown (url).
When you enter something in the locationbar firefox can give results which match with what you are typing.
Here you have the choice between history, bookmarks and nothing which is obvious what they will do when you choose one them.