Mozilla Firefox online training course

Firefox lesson 6, Safety and Sync

Safety options

The tab "Safety" contains options that are related to safety while surfing the web.

When the first option "Warn me when sites try to install add-ons" is selected, firefox will allways ask you to confirm the installation of a add-on. This will make sure that no add-ons will be installed which you dont want to have on your computer.

When the second option "Block reported attack sites" is selected firefox will check if a website that you are visiting is a treat to your computer in any way either for disrupting the functionalities of your computer or sending personal data to unauthorized parties. Keep this option checked but dont forget that even if no warning is given it doesnt mean a website is safe and reliable to use.

Activate the third option "Block reported web forgeries" if you want firefox to actively control if the website you are visiting is possible made to deceive you to give personal information also commonly known as pshishing. For example to get your bank data. Also leave this option activated. With this option it is the same, even if its active it doesnt guarantee a website is safe.

With the option "Remember passwords for sites" active, firefox can remember passwords you type into forms safely to make the login process in certain websites easier.
Even when this option is active you will still be asked if passwords for a website need to be saved when you visit them for the first time.

With the option "Use a master password" firefox can protect certain important information lik saved passwords and certificates by encoding them with a main password.
When you make a master password every time you start firefox you will be asked to enter the password for it to have acces to a cerificate or a saved password.
You can set the master password, change or delete it by clicking on the button "Change master password".
When you allready have entered a master password you will need to enter this before you can change or delete the master password.
By clicking on the button "Saved passwords" you can manage and delete saved passwords.


Sync is a service with which you can syncronize bookmars, history, passwords and open tabs with another installation of firefox either on another computer or mobile phone.

If you dont have never used firefox sync before first you will need to set it up to do this go to the sync tab and click the button "Set up firefox sync".

I assume you dont have account yet so in that case please press the button "Create a new account".
Fill in the required information, read the terms and privacy and check the box and please click "Next" when you are done.
Next you will be a sync key that needs to be safely stored somewhere. You can either saved it in a file on your pc or if you want to be extra safe just print it and put it somewhere you are sure to find it again. Once you have done this please click next again.
You will be asked to type the code that is on the screen to make sure you are not a program. When your done just click next.
Right now your done creating a account and firefox sync is ready to use on any computer you want.
If you want to further set which data you want to have syncronized click the button "Sync options" so a pop-up will open where you can choose which data you want to have sync'd.