Mozilla Firefox online training course

Firefox lesson 8, Bookmarks

What are bookmarks

A bookmark in firefox is like a favorit in explorer.
Through bookmarks we can save websites we have visited so that the next time we want to visit this site we dont have to remember the web adres.
So if there is a website of which you think i want to come back here sometimes like then just save the url in your bookmarks.

Add/Delete bookmarks

You can add a bookmark in multiple ways.
First is to click the button "Bookmarks" in the menubar (1) and choose "Bookmark this page" in the dropdown list.
The second way is the quick key combination Ctrl + D on your keyboard (2).
The third way is to click the star icon in the urlbar of your browser (3).
If you do it the first way this will place the bookmark on the bottom of the list in the bookmarkmenu.
The first two ways open a window "Edit this bookmark" (4).
The third way will make a bookmark in the folder "Unsorted bookmarks".

If you wish to organise your bookmarks a bit so you can find them back more easily later on its best to use the first two options. It doesnt mean we cannot put the bookmarks in "Unsorted bookmarks" in a folder on a later time.
But why do it in a "bad" way first when you can just as easily organise them the first time.

When you visit a site that is allready added to your bookmarks the star icon in the urlbar will color yellow.
If you wish to edit the bookmark for that page click the star icon again and the window "Edit this bookmark" will open again.

Edit bookmarks

Let me first talk about the dialogwindow "Edit this bookmark".
The top button seems clear to me. The purpose of this button is to remove a bookmark.
The the box "Name" you choose what to name your bookmark. This is not obligatory but when you have dozens of urls which only show the internet adresses it will be difficult to find the website you want to go to quickly.
In the box "Folder" you choose the folder in which you want to save the bookmark.
Click on the downpointing arrow (1) and click "Choose..." in the dropdown menu. Or click on the second downpointing arrow (2). In both cases it will open a list with all bookmarks (3).
Finaly we have the box "Tags". In here you can add tags to the bookmark which can help you categorize and find saved bookmarks more easily.

Where to find the bookmarks

I assume everyone knwo this allready but just in case i will explain where to find the bookmarks which you have made previously.
Firstly you can find then in the sidebar "Bookmarks" (1). How you open this you allready know.
Second is in the dropdown menu underneath the button "Bookmarks" (2).
Third is in the "Bookmarkbar" (3).

Not all bookmarks appear in the "Bookmarksbar"
To place a bookmark in the "Bookmarkbar" You must choose to save them in the folder "Bookmarks toolbar".

To delete a bookmark from the "Bookmarkbar" you only need to rightclick this bookmark in the toolbar and choose "Delete" in the dropdown menu.