Mozilla Firefox online training course

Firefox lesson 9, Bookmarks advanced

Bookmark for all tabs

When you have multiple pages open in a few different tabs you dont need to save them one by one as single bookmakrs there is a easier way to save them all at once.
To do this you have to right click on a tab, it doesnt matter which one and choose "Bookmark all tabs" in the dropdown menu.
This opens a window named "New bookmarks" (1) in which you need to name the folder where they will be saved.

You can also choose where you want to place this folder in the box "Folder" but for this example "Bookmarks menu" seems just fine for me.
Click on the button "Add bookmarks".
When you look at the bookmarksmenu now (2) you will see that a new folder is added with all the pages that were open.
If you wish to open all these pages just right click on the folder and choose "Open all tabs" in the dropdown menu.


As you will probably know by now we use bookmarkfolders to further organise the different bookmarks that we have.
To make a bookmarkfolder on your "Bookmark sidebar" you need to click "view" then "sidebar" and lastly "bookmarks" in the top menubar. Ths will open the bookmark sidebar.
Right click on the folder wher you want to make a new folder (1) and then choose "New folder" (2) in the dropdown menu.
In the new window enter the name of the folder where it says "New folder" and if its neccesairy give a description for the folder which you are making (3).
When you have done all this click "Add" (4).

Sorting bookmarks

There are a few ways to sort your bookmarks.
One possibility is to open the bookmark sidebar and then click and drag a bookmark to any folder you want it to be.
A second way to sort them is to open a bookmark in a tab, then click the yellow star icon in the urlbar and in the newly opened window "Edit this bookmark" Choose the folder where you want to move it to.
A third way to sort your bookmarks is to sort them according to their name.
To do this click with the right mousebutton on a folder which you want to sort and next choose to "Sort by name". The bookmarks in this folder will be sorted alfabethicly.

Deleting bookmarks

The quickest way to remove a bookmark is by right clicking on it and then choose "Delete" in the dropdown menu.
The second way is to open the page of which you want to remove the bookmark.
Click on the yellow star icon in the urlbar.
And next click on the button "Remove bookmark".

To remove a whole folder right click on it and choose "Delete" in the dropdown menu.