Mozilla Firefox online training course

Firefox lesson 10, Live bookmarks

What are live bookmarks

When you regularly visit websites for new content like for example news websites then live bookmarks can help you get the most actual updates without you having to visit the website.
These live bookmarks will only work with websites who offer webfeeds.
So only when a webfeed is available on a website you can use firefox to subscribe to this through live bookmarks.
Firefox will then check every hour for updates of your live bookmarks. This way you can stay uptodate with the latest information of your favorite websites.
When a website offers feeds the subscribe icon will automaticly become bold (1).

Subscribing to feeds

To subscribe to a feed of a site who offers them just surf to the website and click the bolded feeds icon.
When the site offers more than one feed a list will appear so you can make a choice to which feed of the website you want to subscribe.
When you have chosen the feed you want to subscribe to you will be brought to the feedspage of the website.
Next click on the button "Subscribe now" (2) and the window "Subscribe with livebookmark" will appear (3).
If you want to give the live bookmark another name just type it in the "Name" box and choose to folder where you want to place it. The most logical would be the bookmarkbar.
And when you are done configuring all you can click on the "Subscribe" button.

This places the feed in the bookmarkbar (1).
When you click on this a list will appear with the latest messages in this feed.
Click the message you want to read to open the latest news (2).

Removing feeds

To remove a feed just right click on it in the bookmarkbar or wherever you have placed it and choose "Delete" in the dropdown menu that will appear.