Mozilla Firefox online training course

Firefox lesson 11, Add-ons

What are add-ons

Add-ons are small pieces of software which give more functions to firefox.
These can be different types of things like themes, plugins or custimization of the interface.
There are add-ons which you can block ads with, download videos with, integrating other websites like facebook and twitter and much more.

Installing add-ons

Before we can install a add-on we first need to find one we want and download it.
Where can we find these ?
There are many places on the internet where we can find add-ons but the easiest and best place to look first is
To go there click on "bookmarks" in the menubar (1), choose "Mozilla firefox" (2) in the dropdown menu and last click on "Customize firefox" (3).

This brings us to the mozzila page for add-ons to continue to the add-on search page please click add-ons (1) in the navigation bar.

On the add-on page for firefox you can enter a search if you want to look for a certain add-on (1) and press the enter key to start the search.
When you found the add-on you would like to use with firefox press the button "Add to firefox" (2).

Firefox will download the add-on and to complete the installation you will need to click "Install now".

To complete the install we need to restart firefox.

As you can see firefox has now installed the add-on to the add-on toolbar.

Removing add-ons

Removing a add-on is just as difficult as installing one. In other words "Very easy".
To do this click on the "Tools" button in the menu bar.
Choose "Add-ons" in the dropdown menu.
In the next window choose the option "Extensions" (1) and click "Remove" (2) next to the add-on you have just installed.