Mozilla Firefox online training course

Firefox lesson 12, Themes

What are themes

A theme can alter the background colors of a toolbar, change the way buttons look or make firefox look like an entirely different programm. In other words, a theme controls what firefox looks like.
We will divide the themes into two categories namely "Personas" and "Full themes".
Full themes will change the entire way firefox looks. The buttons, background image, coloring scheme, just everything.
Personas only alter the background image and the coloring scheme.
Because of this "Full themes" are larger to download in comparisson to "Personas".
Example of a Persona :

Example of a Full theme :

Installing themes

If you want to install a theme the first thing we need to do is download a theme.
To do so please surf to and take your time in looking trough all the themes till you found one you like.
When you found a theme you like to install just click on it to see a more detailed page of it.
After that click on the button "Add to firefox".

Firefox will now automaticly download the theme.

When this is done you need to accept the installation conditions and press the "Install now" button.

When this is done firefox will ask you to restart once more and then the new theme will become active. To do so press "Restart now".

If done correctly your new theme is now installed.

Removing themes

If you dont like it at all you can just simply removed the theme you have just installed.
To do this click "Tools" in the menubar and then "Add-ons" from the dropdown menu.
Click on "Appearance" (1) and next click on "Remove" (2) next to the theme you want to remove.
Restart firefox and it will look the same as it did before.